Our Mission

Our mission is to restore public access to the healing waters and extraordinary historical heritage of the Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs, a valued natural and cultural resource

Our Objectives

To Name a Few


  •  Restore and maintain safe and affordable access to the public at Gilroy Hot Springs
  • Serve an unmet healing and recreation need for greater San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay Areas
  • Preserve and promote the history of the Hot Springs
  • Restore the Hot Springs to its former historical glory
  • Protect the environment and natural resources of the Hot Springs
  • Provide public education on the Hot Springs history, protection of the natural environment, and natural healing

Meet the Board Members

We are Volunteer Powered!

Marie Hunter

Acting President and Treasurer

Experienced in construction, her focus is on the restoration aspects of the site to bring it back to its former glory and provide ways to operate the retreat with minimal carbon footprint. Her past experience in construction management includes habitat for humanity housing, LEED projects, and commercial construction budgeting. She  founded a 3D technology for construction company in 2014.

Roman Petres


Roman brings to the project his background in solar energy research, design and construction of solar power and storage systems, as well as setting up and running a non-profit solar research institute in Germany. Roman will help guide the re-opening with the goal of powering the facility with 100% solar energy.

Sandy Moller


Sandy is a longtime Gilroy resident and business owner, right down the road from the Gilroy Hot Springs. Although she has never been to the infamous springs, she has been intrigued and called to be part of the team to reopen and reclaim this historical healing place. She brings the power of community and connection, already established in her winery and yoga business, Satori Cellars, and has an extensive background in marketing and attracting the right people to get the job done. Let’s do this together, and awaken this sleeping beauty!

Ed Hunter


Ed is a hot springs enthusiast and interested in the rich history of the site. He first visited the Hot Springs in the late 1980’s while it was operating under private ownership, and is looking forward to doing his part to see the site re-opened to the public. Ed has previous experience with non-profit organizations, organizing and running events, construction and technology.

We Couldn’t Do This Without The Help of Our Volunteers!

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Could Not

Do This

Without You!

From event logistics, historical research, clearing brush, reroofing historical buildings to name a few, the site would have been long gone without the help from passionate individuals. The volunteers’ dedication to the site is crucial to preserving the site and having it be safe for visitors. We are so incredibly appreciative of all you!


Join Us !

Courtesy, McDonald-Lundblade Family