The Site

California State Parks granted Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy permission to re-open the site once the Conservancy completes several strategic improvements.  So far, a group of dedicated volunteers maintained Gilroy Hot Springs over the last 20 years while has been closed to the public.  The mineral spring well is active and continues to produce mineral water with temperatures ranging from 95-106F.  California State Parks completed restoration of the Texas Cabin, which has 4 rooms and breathtaking views from the deck.  The 2 room Minnesota Cabin is also well on the way to a completed renovation.

Can you help make this dream a reality?

Please contribute whatever you are able. Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated!


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The Vision for the Hot Springs

The long term goal of the Conservancy is to restore all 22 contributing resources as well as rebuild the historic hotel and clubhouse.  Our vision is for Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs to again become a community center and destination point for healing all that harms us, our health and our families in modern times.  We hope you will join us in making this dream a reality and become part of the hot spring story yourself. With your contribution, we will be able to reopen the site and you will have the chance to be among the first to camp and soak again in the healing waters.


Guided Tours

Tours are available by reaching out to the Henry Coe State Park main phone line: (408) 779-2728
or directly to ranger, Jennifer Naber:

The tours are typically 2 hrs long and require some climbing so closed toed shoes are needed. This is look/see only to learn about the site history and restoration projects. Picnicking on site can be allowed, but must be planned in advance. Please Pack-in/Pack-out: take your own trash. “Take only photos, leave only footprints”. Bathing is not allowed at this time.

Fees: Check with Jennifer Naber about update fees per person

GHSC is not currently offering tours at this time.

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