ghsc-logo-283x300July 6, 2021

Volunteer Work Day Saturday 7/10

You can now register for our next public volunteer work day at Gilroy Hot Springs!  See below for more information.  Save the date to register for volunteer work days later this summer on 8/7 and 9/11.

We have now fund raised $13,792.06 out of our $95,000 goal to reopen Gilroy Hot Springs for public use in fall 2021.  Thank you donors! 

SAVE THE DATE for our 10/9/2021 fundraiser: 
Soak It All In: A day of water, wine and history of Gilroy Hot Springs.
More info coming in August!

To learn more or donate, check out our fundraiser here!

On Saturday 7/10, you are invited to volunteer at Gilroy Hot Springs.  We will be painting and removing graffiti from historical structures.  Register Here.

We will meet at the main gate at 8:45 am and then work from 9am-noon.  Volunteers will have the chance to enjoy a picnic lunch by the hot springs source after.

Please bring your own gloves!  Painting supplies will be provided by California State Parks and Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy.



ghsc-logo-283x300June 5, 2021

You can now register for our first public volunteer work day at Gilroy Hot Springs! See below for more information. Save the date to register for volunteer work days later this summer on 7/10, 8/7 and 9/11.

ghsc-logo-283x300May 25, 2021

Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy plans to re-open the property one weekend per month in fall 2021 with soaking, camping and restored cabin rental. We have raised $6897 towards our $95k re-opening budget goal. Thank you donors!

ghsc-logo-283x300Apr. 27, 2021
We have had a busy month at Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy!

With covid restrictions loosening, renovations have resumed in preparation for our fall 2021 re-opening. Check out the photos below at a recent drone filming day with volunteer Lauren Cohn. Lauren is the the multimedia architect for Oracle and has been volunteering her time as a cinematographer, drone pilot and creative to help with the re-opening of the hot springs. We hope to show you her work soon!

ghsc-logo-283x300Mar. 23, 2021
We are full steam ahead at the hot springs.

Lots of great news from Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy. Our next Zoom info session is TONITE 3/23 7-7:30pm. The link is the same if you signed up for our last session but couldn’t make it. Not signed up yet? Register Here. Our next session is 4/27, also 7-7:30pm.

ghsc-logo-283x300Feb. 20, 2021
GHSC earns tax exempt status with IRS!
Great news came from the IRS on 2/4: Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy is now officially a 501(c)3 non-profit campground! Thank you to everyone who has carried the torch in many different ways over many years to get us here.

ghsc-logo-283x300Jan. 13, 2021
Can you share your favorite photographs?
Happy New Year to all! Do you have favorite pictures of your time spent at our beloved Gilroy Yamato Hot Springs? Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy is looking for photographs that we can use on social media to promote our fundraising activities for our 2021 re-opening plans. We currently have only a small library of shareable content, not enough to get our social media campaign going.[UNIQID]>a?

Flag-pole1Nov. 27, 2020
NBC Bay Area at Gilroy Hot Springs.
Hello hot springs enthusiasts! Did you catch us on the local Thanksgiving night news? If not, check out and share widely this exclusive visit to Gilroy Hot Springs by Joe Rosato of NBC Bay Area:[UNIQID]

reopen1Nov. 20, 2020
It’s Giving Tuesday at Gilroy Hot Springs.
Did you know that Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy is sponsored by the Gilroy Foundation while we await approval of tax exempt status? Give the gift of community healing this season by donating to our 2021 Reopening Fundraiser. We accept private as well as corporate donations. Reply to this email with any questions you have or to obtain our tax id number for corporate matching donations.[UNIQID]

Flag-pole1Nov. 4, 2020
Donate to soak and camp in 2021!
Dear Friends,

Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy is now accepting donations. Some donations are eligible to reserve the very first soaking and camping spots when we re-open in 2021. We hope this good news gives you hope and something to look forward to in difficult times.[UNIQID]

reopen1Nov. 2, 2020
The time has come to return to Gilroy Hot Springs.
Can you imagine meeting your friends to soak in the healing waters at Gilroy Hot Springs? How about enjoying a meal and nap at your campsite after a day of soaking? Or even better, enjoying the sunrise and sunset from the deck of your Texas Cabin room? All of this and more is about to be possible in 2021. And we need your help.[UNIQID]

complex-fire1Sept. 3, 2020
Gilroy Hot Springs has survived the SCU Complex fire

Great news came yesterday from Eddie Guaracha, Superintendent for California State Parks Diablo District: our beloved and precious Gilroy Hot Springs has survived the SCU Complex Fire. The fire came about 1/2 mile from the property and is no longer burning near by. Thank you Calfire for all your hard work![UNIQID]

Flag-pole1July 21, 2020
Please welcome our new Board of Directors.

Hello Gilroy Hot Springs Enthusiasts! We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well during these trying times. This month, we would like to introduce you to the new board of directors for Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy. The Board looks forward to meeting and working with all of you in our shared passion for reopening the hot springs for pubic access in the coming months and years.[UNIQID]

reopen1June 7, 2020
While the SIP remains in effect, Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy is building a virtual organization. The work that we do now remotely and over the internet will form the foundation of all GHSC activities when the SIP is lifted. We have filed the articles of incorporation and will begin official board meetings in July. We are developing a volunteer program that will recruit, train and maintain volunteers from all over the country.[UNIQID]

reopen1May 1, 2020
Gilroy Hot Springs is on track to re-open.

Greetings to all Gilroy Hot Springs enthusiasts! We have good news to share, which is Gilroy Hot Springs is on track to re-open! We have officially formed a new organization, Gilroy Hot Springs Conservancy.[UNIQID]

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